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#Commodities – Weekly chart review of the Bloomberg Commodity Index Total Return and its components


Since the June 5th low in the Bloomberg Commodity Index, precious metals and most notably Gold, together with Grains have been leading the charge amongst commodities. However, the prospect of a weaker USD and an uptick in our inflation expectations metric has seen most commodity groups defend KEY support pivots and are rallying. Below we look at the weekly logarithmic charts of the BCOMTR and its subgroups.

1. BCOMTR – Weekly Chart

2. Relative Rotation of Commodities

3. The leaders (outperformers): Precious metals and Grains

  • BCOM Precious Metals: Weekly Chart

  • BCOM Grains: Weekly Chart


4. The laggards (underperformers): Energy, Industrial Metals and Livestock

  • BCOM Energy: Weekly Chart

  • BCOM Industrial Metals: Weekly Chart

  • BCOM Livestock: Weekly Chart